Indulge Yourself…Cross Your Legs

September 7, 2012 By Staff

Crossing your legs only used to be bad manners. But it got bumped up to a “health hazard” back in the 1990s when a supplement company launched an ad campaign to stop women from crossing their legs. It was called the “Great American Cross-Out Day” and was based on the claim that leg crossing caused varicose veins.

But there was just one problem. It wasn’t true. The ad-men apparently ignored 12 major studies that identified age, genetics and pregnancy as the top risk factors for varicose veins.1,2

And leg crossing? – Wasn’t even on the list.
According to Duke University vein doctor, Eric Mowatt-Larssen, MD, crossing your legs doesn’t put enough pressure on the veins in the calf to cause damage.3 And if you think about it, crossing one leg over the other thigh lifts the leg up and could actually decrease pressure in the elevated foot.

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