Four Powerful Ingredients
for Total Vein Support!

Oraescin® is unlike any other vein health supplement on the market. It’s a synergistic blend of four natural, powerful, and proven ingredients. Each one has been extensively researched and clinically studied. And together, they help support healthy circulation and maintain the tone and elasticity of your veins.

What’s more, we’ve carefully formulated Oraescin® to give you clinical doses that make a real difference in how you look and feel. And it's proudly made in the U.S.A. using only the highest quality ingredients.

Plus, we've micronized each ingredient – so they easily get into your bloodstream and go to work immediately!

Ingredient #1: Diosmin
For fast and dramatic relief!

Diosmin is a bioflavonoid derived from sweet oranges and other citrus fruits. And numerous clinical studies have found it to have amazing benefits for our veins and vascular systems:

  • One study published in Phlebolymphology reported that 94% of the 522 patients rated diosmin effectiveness as “high” or “very high” after two months of treatment.8
  • Another study published in Angiology concluded that diosmin is the method of choice no matter what condition your legs are in.9
  • While at least three studies not only reported diosmin produced results – but that it did so in as little as 2 hours!10, 11, 12

But these studies are just the tip of the iceberg.

The largest study on leg circulation ever conducted was the RELIEF study.13 It involved 5,052 patients in 23 countries – all of whom suffered from poor leg circulation. The most common symptom was leg heaviness, which 94% of patients experienced.

Over a six-month period, patients were treated with a combination of diosmin plus hesperidin. And the results were dramatically improved vein strength and vein circulation.

More than half the patients experienced complete relief of leg heaviness and cramps. While patients who didn’t find complete relief, still improved significantly in EVERY MEASURE of vein health. At the same time, 9 out of 10 patients reported relief from swelling. And leg pain dropped by an average of 3.4 points on a 0 to 10 scale!14

What’s more, patients reported their quality of life increased significantly after only 30 days of treatment. And that it continued to improve throughout the study!

DiosVein® is the purest, highest quality form of diosmin.

Manufactured in Spain, DiosVein® is the brand of choice for thousands of European doctors and hospitals. They’ve used it for decades to successfully treat patients with discomforting and unsightly veins. And they continue to do so today.

Our doctors and formulators were so impressed with DiosVein®, we made it an integral part of Oraescin®. You get a whopping 900 mg of in each daily dose!

Ingredient #2: Hesperidin
Makes diosmin even more effective!

Hesperidin is a flavonoid extracted in pure form from the peel of sweet orange, which can be further refined to produce diosmin. And for decades, the two have been used in combination in European formulas.

Because while diosmin alone is effective, diosmin plus hesperidin delivers the best results for total vein support. Many of the top results in phlebotonics studies – like the RELIEF study mentioned above – have relied on this powerful combination, called a “micronized purified flavonoid fraction” (MPFF).15

These studies found the combination helps to...

  • Promote healthy circulation16
  • Protect microcirculation17, 18
  • Improve vein tone and elasticity19, 20
  • Strengthen vein walls21, 22
  • Improve lymph drainage23
  • Reduce discomfort and leg heaviness24, 25
  • ...and more!

With benefits like these, it's easy to see why we've made sure Oraescin® includes hesperidin as well as diosmin. And you get a full 100 mg in each daily dose!

Ingredient #3: Horse Chestnut Seed
For top-notch vein circulation!

Europeans have used horse chestnut seed extract (HCSE) for decades as a tonic for vascular health. It contains a substance called beta-aescin, which numerous clinical trials have found to be highly effective at strengthening veins and reducing leg discomfort.26

HCSE acts by decreasing permeability of the small veins while enhancing venous contractions.27 It’s a one-two punch that helps the veins in your lower legs carry blood back up to your heart. And countless studies show it not only works, but works very well.

Scientists at the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth in England wanted to know how effective HCSE really is. So they reviewed the body of research, including 18 trials with 1,258 subjects and three observational studies with a total of 10,725 subjects. Their conclusion: The horse chestnut seed extract reduced swelling, discomfort, itching, fatigue, and tenseness.28

And in a 12-week randomized, partially blinded, placebo-controlled, parallel study involving 240 patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency, HCSE was found to be equally as effective as wearing compression stockings. What's more, the researchers noted HCSE is likely to produce better long-term results considering given how much of a pain compression stockings are to deal with!29

When creating Oraescin®, our doctors and formulators wanted to make it the best vein health supplement in the world. So they quickly determined it wouldn't be complete without a full clinical dose of 250 mg. horse chestnut seed extract.

Of course, not every extract is equal.

So to ensure you get the maximum benefit, we made sure our extract is standardized to 50 mg aescin – the powerhouse extract proven in gold standard clinical trials to ease discomfort and strengthen veins!30

Ingredient #4: Vitamin C
For building tissue and support!

You probably know Vitamin C boosts your immunity and protects against dangerous free radicals. You may even know it helps support a healthy heart. But did you know it’s also essential for healthy circulation?31

Vitamin C deficiency is a common cause of weak veins. That’s because Vitamin C is essential for building tissue in the supporting walls of your arteries, veins, and capillaries. Plus, Vitamin C is necessary for making collagen and elastin. And both of these tissues help keep the walls of your blood vessels flexible and strong.32, 33

Vitamin C works best when taken with flavonoids like hesperidin, as they increase the vitamin's bioavailability and enhance the way our bodies use it.34 And Oraescin® gives you both hesperidin and 200 mg of Vitamin C. So you can strengthen your veins and defend them against free radical damage once and for all!

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Six Ways the Ingredients
in Oraescin® Help Keep Your Veins
Young and Healthy

1. They work quickly to provide leg comfort.

Evidence from 13 studies involving 1,245 subjects shows the active ingredients in Oraescin® work quickly and effectively to provide relief.35

In multiple studies, diosmin began providing relief in as little as two hours.36, 37, 38 While another study concluded that of all the substances tested for healthy veins and leg circulation, a micronized and purified form of diosmin “demonstrated the greatest clinical benefits in patients.”39

The evidence supporting diosmin is so impressive, we’ve made it the number one ingredient in Oraescin®. Which means you can rely on Oraescin® for results you can see and feel!

2. They help keep your blood vessels young.

Free radicals can age your veins by reducing their strength and tone, affecting your comfort and appearance. In fact, they can affect your whole circulatory system. So it’s important to reduce their effects.

That's why Oraescin® contains ingredients that protect your blood vessels by sopping up free radicals.40 Keeping them fit, young and healthy!

3. They improve blood circulation.

This isn’t just about legs that look good. It’s also about making sure your blood circulates freely throughout your body. More than 60 percent of your total blood volume flows through your veins. So by maintaining vein tone, you make it easier for blood to return to your heart. And help keep your circulatory system healthy!

4. They improve and protect vascular elasticity and tone.

Your veins need good elasticity to help pump blood throughout your body. And without good venous tone, your vein valves weaken and stretch. Study after study shows diosmin can help. And several studies noted improved venous tone in just one to two hours!41, 42, 43

5. They improve vein health and appearance.

Studies show the ingredients in Oraescin® help ensure healthy blood flow in your legs, partly by improving the tone and elasticity of your veins and capillaries. And this not only helps ease discomfort. It also helps improve their appearance. So your legs will not only feel better, they’ll look better, too!

6. They improve your quality of life.

Some of life’s simplest pleasures are being able to keep up with daily activities. To stand on your feet for long periods of time. To sit without having to elevate your legs. Or to engage in the activities you love such as dancing, gardening, or walking.

Study after study has found the active ingredients in Oraescin® can improve your ability to engage in these activities. In fact, one clinical study found diosmin significantly improved ALL physical markers including leg heaviness, leg tightness, and the ability to engage in everyday activities.44

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In clinical studies, these four natural wonders helped tens of thousands find relief and enjoy healthier, more attractive legs. Isn’t it time you discovered them for yourself?

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DISCLAIMER: Talk to your doctor or health care provider to determine if Oraescin™ is right for you and is safe to take with your medications. Do not start or stop any prescribed medication or treatment without first consulting your doctor or health care provider.