The Four Pillars of
Smooth Sexy Legs...

A Synergistic Blend of 4 Powerful Vein-Fighting Ingredients to Your Rescue!

What makes Oraescin different? Unlike other cheap, inferior products, it contains quality ingredients that have been extensively researched and clinically proven.

You’re assured of the exact same clinical doses that make a real difference in how you look and feel. Each ingredient is micronized, made extremely small so it gets into your bloodstream and goes to work immediately.

Pillar #1:

[Image: half-orange-slice]

A bioflavonoid derived from sweet orange

DiosVein® is the purest, highest quality of a bioflavonoid called diosmin which is derived from sweet oranges. Manufactured in Spain, DiosVein® has been used successfully by thousands of doctors and hospitals in Europe for decades as the proven ingredient for unsightly veins.

In a worldwide study of 5,052 patients in 23 countries over two years, DiosVein® showed stunning results. 81% fell into classes 2 to 4 (0 best – 4 worst) which means their legs were in bad shape.

After treatment with DiosVein® the patients improved significantly in EVERY MEASURE of vein health.

Bottom Line: DiosVein® dramatically improved vein strength and vein circulation.

  • 83% of investigators rated treatment with DiosVein® as GOOD or EXCELLENT
  • 79% of patients reported GOOD to EXCELLENT results with DiosVein®

Pillar #2:

Hesperidin – a second bioflavonoid derived from
sweet oranges

A full clinical dose of 100mg of Hesperidin – combined with DiosVein® — delivers an unbeatable one-two punch to support vein health.

Scientific Studies Show DiosVein® PLUS Hesperidin Support Vein Health

Supports Circulation: DiosVein® plus Hesperidin provides relief and promotes microcirculation.

Supports Vein Walls: Flavonoids are widely used to maintain the tone and elasticity of veins and promote healthy circulation. The combination of diosmin and Hesperidin improved venous tone and vein elasticity assessed by plethysmography.

Strengthens Vein Walls & Improves Vein Circulation: Clinical studies demonstrated that diosmin plus Hesperidin increase venous tone, improves lymph drainage and it protects the microcirculation.

Pillar #3:

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

[Image: horse chestnut seed]

In order to create the best varicose vein formula in the world, I added Horse Chestnut Seed Extract which has been used in Europe for decades as a venotonic. You get the full clinical dose — 250mg — in Oraescin.

Highly Effective for Strengthening Veins: 18 clinical trials with a total of 1,258 subjects and three observational studies with 10,725 subjects were reviewed. Overall, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract had a beneficial effect on vein health.

I want to caution you: Don’t think just any cheap, ground up horse chestnut seed will work. Only a specific, powerful horse chestnut seed extract standardized to aescin is proven in gold standard clinical trials to strengthen veins.

Pillar #4:

Vitamin C

Reader’s Digest says...

“Support Veins With Vitamin C!”

[Image: man hold knees]

You probably know that ‘Vitamin C’ is great for supporting your immunity and a healthy heart. But did you know it’s also essential for healthy circulation?

Getting enough Vitamin C is important for blood vessel health. That’s why I’ve packed Oraescin with 200mg of Vitamin C. Its potent antioxidant powers defend against free radical damage to veins once and for all.

Oraescin is Proven Effective
in the “Gold Standard”
of Research Studies

The active ingredient in Oraescin was subjected to a ‘double blind, placebo-controlled’ study to ensure the results are reliable and free from bias. Half the subjects received the active ingredient and the other half received a ‘dummy’ substance known as a placebo. Even the researchers didn’t know which group received the actual treatment. Oraescin passed with flying colors!